Wyoming Biodiversity Citizen Science Initiative

The Wyoming Biodiversity Citizen Science Initiative grew from one of the Institutes earliest citizen science programs, WyoBio. The Wyoming Biodiversity Citizen Science Initiative's growing list of citizen science programs, utilize the WyoBio database and mapping toolset to branch out in exploration of Wyoming's biological landscape.

The Wyoming Biodiversity Citizen Science Initiative grew from one of the Institutes earliest citizen science programs, WyoBio. Described below in some detail, WyoBio is a broadly applied geographic database, a citizen science tool and online social network of naturalists, citizen scientists, and biologists built on the concept of mapping and sharing observations of biodiversity across Wyoming. WyoBio allows participants to record observations via the website or from a mobile application.

Since the creation of WyoBio three years ago, a variety of related programs addressing specific research challenges, and conservation questions have grown out of it. These programs utilize WyoBio as a database and repository of information collected by citizen scientists, Institute Naturalists, and members of WYNDD.

SInce it's launch, WyoBio has grown into the Wyoming Biodiversity Citizen Science Initiative, broadening it's initial core tools to impliment a variety of citizen science research and educational programs. Today, WyoBio represents the cornerstone of many of the the Institutes outreach, education and research activities.

The WyoBio program continues, and it's network of users and observations grow every day. Learn more about the WyoBio project below, and get involved today.

Introducing the WyoBio Citizen Science Portal

The Wyoming Biodiversity Citizen Science Initiative, or WyoBio, is a new, exciting web portal for connecting people - anyone - with biodiversity data in Wyoming.  Have you ever wondered where pikas live?  Or which species of Indian Paintbrush exist in your county?  Have you seen a neat butterfly in your yard and wanted to tell someone about it?  Are you looking for a place to explore Wyoming's incredible diversity of plants, animals and fungi?

WyoBio is the place for you.  This web portal will allow anyone to search for any organism found in Wyoming, contribute their own data on what people see on a hike or in their yard, download a spreadsheet containing biodiversity data they're interested in, play with plant and animal data to see how it connects with climate, elevation and more.  

Project Goals2018-03-02_8-49-51.png

  1. Connect and provide people with information about the plants, animals and fungi found in Wyoming.  
  2. Allow anyone to upload observations of biological data they collect, and show them their data points on a map (individually and in connection with others').
  3. Create educational experiences for all users, adults and children alike, to foster a sense of wonder.  Encourage users to become true citizen scientists who can form hypotheses and test them using WyoBio.
  4. Create a safe, online, consolidated place to house biodiversity data collected through a variety of organizations and individuals across the state.

If you have questions about the project or what we aim to achieve with WyoBio, please contact Zoe Nelson, Project Coordinator at the Biodiversity Institute (znelson1@uwyo.edu or 307-766-6240).


849b04679732b8faca341bd5463c0337_f75.jpgWyoBio's Education Side

We are placing a large emphasis on connecting WyoBio's functionality with education, especially with the Next Generation Science Standards.  We want K-12 teachers to be able to use WyoBio to teach their students about Wyoming's biodiversity, and create opportunities for the children themselves to use the site to explore their questions about biodiversity. 

To that end, we are working with a team of excellent Wyoming educators to create lesson plans, curricula and learning objectives that meet science standards and excite children at the same time.  If you have questions about the educational possibilities of WyoBio, please contact Dr. Dorothy Tuthill, Associate Director of the Biodiversity Institute (dtuthill@uwyo.edu or 307-766-6279).

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