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Jan / 27 / 2020 btugwell

UW’s Rocky Mountain Herbarium Mounts 1 Millionth Specimen

The University of Wyoming’s Rocky Mountain Herbarium mounted its 1 millionth specimen last Friday. Members of the UW Board of Trustees were on hand in the Aven Nelson Building to witness the historic event

Apr / 05 / 2019 btugwell

UW Research Provides Insight on Survivability of Rare Wyoming Plant

A rare plant found only at two sites in central Wyoming has persisted, in part, because it can recover from relatively low densities and grows at different rates within each location, according to new research led by a University of Wyoming scientist.

Mar / 12 / 2019 btugwell

No Foul Play Found In Death Of Condor Visiting Wyoming

From Wyoming Public Media's Natural Resources & Energy: A California condor recently flew from Arizona to Wyoming but died shortly after arriving. California condors are an endangered species, and the bird, which was being tracked, was taken in for a necropsy by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Oct / 29 / 2018 btugwell

Survey Results Released on Public Opinion of the Activities of the UW Biodiversity Institute

Results of a survey on the public's opinion of the Biodiversity Institutes activities is released in advance of the Institute's closure.

May / 21 / 2018 btugwell

Tracking Effects Of Climate Change On Imperiled Short-eared Owl

From Wyoming Public Radio - Early one spring evening, I meet University of Wyoming Biodiversity Institute’s Zoe Nelson at a rest area between Gillette and Buffalo. Shadows grow long on red bluffs and green sagebrush prairie. It’s that time of night when all the birds are going bonkers. We’re out here as part of a program to get regular folks like me and my husband, Ken—he’s tonight’s driver—to help keep track of short-eared owls.

Mar / 26 / 2018 btugwell

Art imitating life: Exhibit features work inspired by UW’s vertebrate collection

An art show set to open at the University of Wyoming Berry Biodiversity Conservation Center explores the UW Museum of Vertebrates through the eyes of volunteers and researchers who work there.

Jan / 26 / 2018 btugwell

UW Student Scientists Connect Individual Research with Local Murals

Scientists have long appreciated the arts and used art forms in their practice. And, even though scientists strive for objectivity, they bring their own perspectives and preconceptions to public art, according to a University of Wyoming research scientist.

Nov / 16 / 2017 btugwell

Article on Craig Benkman's Crossbill Research wins 2017 AAAS Kavli Award for Science Journalism

The science journalism awards, administered by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) since their inception in 1945, honor distinguished reporting for a general audience.

Jul / 14 / 2017 btugwell

The West’s Newest Bird Species has a Beak Like a Crowbar

A recently discovered species of crossbill already faces extinction.

Jul / 10 / 2017 btugwell

New Genus of Plants Named After UW Botany Professor

University of Wyoming botany Professor Greg Brown has added a new honor to his list of achievements: A new genus of plants has been named after him.

Jun / 28 / 2017 btugwell

UW’s Hubert and Rahel Named to Inaugural Class of American Fisheries Society Fellows

Wayne Hubert, emeritus professor, and Frank Rahel, professor, both in the University of Wyoming Department of Zoology and Physiology, were named as fellows of the American Fisheries Society (AFS) at the society’s recent meeting in Portland, Ore.

Feb / 10 / 2017 btugwell

UW Researcher Helps Solve Fish Evolution Mystery

A University of Wyoming researcher is part of an international team that has discovered how more than 700 species of fish have evolved in East Africa’s Lake Victoria region over the past 150,000 years.

Sep / 29 / 2016 btugwell

Recently Discovered Population Of Finch May Be Distinct Enough To Merit Designation As Its Own Species

Finding new bird species in the continental United States is a rare event. But a recently discovered population of finch in southern Idaho may be distinct enough to merit designation as its own species, according to a genomic study. The finch, a type of red crossbill called the South Hills crossbill, is found on only two small mountain ranges where its predation on lodgepole pine seeds has led to the evolution of enhanced seed defenses.

Jan / 19 / 2016 btugwell

Citizen Scientists Gather in Lander

Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation was a silver-level sponsor of the first ever Wyoming Citizen Science Conference earlier this month. The following is an excerpt from their December newsletter where they wrote about their participation in the conference and citizen science in the state.

Nov / 16 / 2015 btugwell

The Biodiversity Institute Awards Five Outstanding Research Proposals and a Total of $160,000

The Biodiversity Institute Awards Five Outstanding Research Proposals and a Total of $160,000

Nov / 13 / 2015 btugwell

Arthur Middleton and Joe Riis, Nominated for National Geographics "Adventurers of the Year"

VIDEO - Winners of the Camp Monaco Prize for Yellowstone Biodiversity Research and Public Education, Arthur Middleton and Joe Riis, Nominated for National Geo Graphics "Adventurers of the Year".

Nov / 12 / 2015 btugwell

Nat Geo - Can We Save These Rare Toads From Extinction?

VIDEO - At one time there was only one known Wyoming toad in the wild. Once a frequent sight on the Wyoming plains, the toad had nearly become extinct after a sharp decrease in population in the late 1970s.

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