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Episode 15: Mammal Dispersion - Part 1

Original Air Date: 05/01/18 03:22:pm

Image: CindyLouPhotos (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Mountain Lions are usually associated with the mountainous west, including Wyoming. But this story takes us to the east coast. Connecticut to be exact, where in June 2011 a male mountain lion was struck and killed by a motorist. What makes this story even more interesting is this cat was from the Black Hills of South Dakota. This was confirmed by DNA testing. This young male lion had journeyed some 1500 miles crushing the previous travel record for a cougar. Steve Buskirk, a retired UW professor explains “that mammal dispersal typically occurs in males. A male’s genes have a better chance of being represented in the next generation the farther away the male moves away from other male competition.” This male lion was in search of a female and ended up miles away from home. With your WyoBioMinute I am Brian Barber