2018 Wyoming Ferruginous Hawk Cam Gallery

Highlights from the 2018 Wyoming Ferruginous Hawk Cam

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VideoStill Screenshots

Ground Squirrel.png

2018-06-21 0906 - Big and Small Ground Squirrel red.png

2018-06-07 1637.png

2018-06-05 2030d.png

2018-06-04 1647 - Prey Item - Ground squirrel.png


2018-05-25 1518 - Shading the Nestlings 2.png

2018-05-25 1508 - Shading the Nestlings.png

Carrying Prey

Ferruginous Hawk Sexes - Learn More



2018-05-15 1316

2018-05-14 1326.png

2018-05-11 1607

2018-05-11 1540

2018-05-10 2049

2018-05-10 1824

Video Clips

Biodiversity Institute Raptor Cam Video and Photo Policy

The University of Wyoming Biodiversity Institute invites anyone to post photo and video screenshots / screen-recordings captured from these high definition cams. Since these photos and videos can be copied and duplicated over and over, we request that when you post these up to Facebook, Instagram, Websites, Blogs, or another social media location, the following information be included at the end of your photo/video caption: © 2018 University of Wyoming Biodiversity Institute, Wyobiodiversity.org. These live feeds are the intellectual property of the University Of Wyoming Biodiversity, and we kindly request that you do not attempt to embed or live stream these feeds on your website, blog, app, etc., or attempt to monetize screen shots or video captures. Thank you for your cooperation!

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Did you manage to capture an interesting or exciting image or video from our feed? Please share your image with all of us! Using the form below you can submit up to three images and or 1 video at a time to be added to the gallery - we will add your name to the image for you - as well as a title. Thank you for sharing!

Submission Guidelines:

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(If you have a larger video that you would like to submit, please contact btugwell@uwyo.edu.)

All Images  and videos are reviewed before being posted to the gallery.

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